How to: Get your Google Ecommerce Analytics Course with Certificate TODAY!

It is your FINAL DAY to head over to Google Analytics Website to continue to study for Google’s Ecommerce Analytics or to finish off where you may have left off from the #EcommerceAnalytics Course.


Don’t say I’m NOT reminding you with the opportunity for you to LEARN what you may not know or to refresh your memory on what you may already know.

Some may say it is a waste of time.


On the contrary, #educating yourself a little further or perhaps investing a little of your #metime does lessen that hassle in the short and long run.

Not only will it give you the self-satisfaction of knowing what you did is beneficial, you got your name on the certificate and given by Google. truly it is THE feel good factor which pumps your blood endlessly, craving for the next challenge.

They all work to your advantage, with the added benefit of obtaining a FREE  Certification from Google.

Ummm…how uncommon is that?
So, what are you waiting for?

Let me tell you something…

Let’s say, you’re working and its your lunch time, you’re now popping out for lunch, by yourself that is. You have at least 20 minutes to eat and drink. Most of us by now carries their mobile phone or tablet anywhere they go.


Even the toilets. We all ‘multi-task’.

Most of us continues to work through lunch on our handsets or tablets. Others,may use this time to read or browse.



IF you only had TODAY to something that is truly rewarding. Wouldn’t you?


Use this time ONLY TODAY to let your FREE GOOGLE Ecommerce Certificate!


When you need help. Drop me a ‘comment’ below.  Or visit my other POST to find out more.


Please SHARE and Google+!


PS. Only for today. Here it is again, to help you speedily get your Google Ecommerce Course going!



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